Welcome, I’m Gregory!

I was born and raised in Africa, but since my late 20’s I have live in several countries around the world…

I believe these experiences have taught me to understand cultural differences and appreciate how unique each of us is. I have had many different career changes in my life until I discover psychology in my early 30’s. I have learnt that life is never a straight line and every experience is valuable regardless of where we end up in the future. In my work as a therapist, I have learnt that every individual has the capacity to change their circumstance or their pathway in life. I learnt how the past can sometime prevent us from enjoying the future and how important it is to make peace with the past no matter how painful it is. I have learnt that our past only dictates our futures if we allow it. I have also learnt that changes doesn’t just happen if we give it enough time, it requires action on our part. 

Hi, my name is Gregory and I am a psychologist here at OGI Potential. I absolutely love working with people who are ready to be courageous enough to face their challenges and work with me to find solutions to these challenges. I know all of this can be scary but I’m here to help.

One of my core personal values is honesty, that means being honest with ourselves about our strengths and our vulnerabilities. The reason this is important to me is like all you I have struggled with the confusion of adolescence. I have wrested to discover who I am and where I fit in the world, and what my purpose in life might be. I have struggled with professional and personal relationship challenges. I have also had to deal with grief and loss and many other traumatising experiences. My psychology studies and the work I do with my clients has given me many practical tools and simple techniques to overcome these challenges. I want to share these tools with you for you to be able to live a full and meaningful life. The first and most important skills we all need to learn is to ask for help. If you are reading this page and you are struggling with emotional and psychological pain, you are on the right track and I would recommend you schedule a session. What’s the worst that can happen? You either wasted an hour, you discover you’re not quite ready for therapy, or this could be the beginning of a new life for you.

My core skills include Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT), which helps people to learn new skills and strategies and to tweak the ones they’ve got; and challenge some of the problematic thoughts and beliefs we have about the world and ourselves that are causing so much pain. I often utilise a strategy called Motivation Interviewing (MI) to help clients overcome resistance to change. I also offer relationship counselling, utilising Gottman techniques to improve communication and conflict resolution skills. I specialise in trauma counselling through Eye Movement Desensitisation Reprocessing (EMDR), as these past traumas can all too often become triggers in present resulting in pathologies like addiction, depression and anxiety, to name but a few. My other skills include Mindfulness, Meditation and other grounding techniques to promote relaxation and quieten the mind, which is especially helpful if you’re having sleep difficulties.  

My hopes is to help my clients get to the point where they have enough skills to overcome their challenges and lead a life full of meaning and purpose.